Jual WYPALL* L10 Roll Control Wipers


SIZE: 18cm x 38cm, 1-ply

  • Quantity per Case: 6 rolls per case
  • Quantity per Pack: 790 sheets per roll
  • Availability: Nationally

WYPALL* L10 Roll Control Wipers are for multi-purpose used, e.g. hand drying, food preparation and surface wiping HACCP Certified 100% Cellulose contain no glues or additives. Designed as an effective, single-use wiper which helps to prevent cross-contamination. The lockable dispenser is available, helping to discourage pilferage and waste.

• A technically advanced Roll Control Dispenser system

• Lockable plastic dispenser with Dynamic Throat discourages pilferage and waste

• Single sheet dispensing controls use

• Single use wiper ensures no cross-contamination

• 1 ply perforated roll

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