Jual WYPALL* Colour Coded Regular Duty Wipers


COLOUR: Yellow

SIZE: 60cm x 30cm

  • Quantity per Case: 12 packs per case
  • Quantity per Pack: 20 sheets per pack
  • Availability: Nationally

WYPALL* Colour Coded Wipers are versatile, offering effective and hygienic cleaning. The wipers are ideal for use in food preparation and food service applications. They can be used for soaking up spills, absorbing up to 6 times their own weight. They are reusable, are easily rinsed clean and are available in different colours for easy task segregation and reduce the risk of cross contamination. The wipers are produced in a HACCP certified facility.

Key application includes:

  • Wiping surfaces.
  • Absorbing liquid spills
  • Cleaning sinks, grills, ovens and machinery


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