Jual Calibrator constant TEMP 40

  • Auto Power off
  • High accuracy and rapid response
  • Low battery indication
  • Easy to use

Spesifications :

Power Supply : 9V battery (ANSI/NEDA 1604A or IEC 6LR619V alkaline)
Operating Temperature : 0°C ~ 50°C
Operating Relative Humidity : ≤80% RH
Storage Temperature : ≤-10°C ~ 55°C
Storage Relative Humidity : ≤90% RH
Size : 200x100x40mm (with holster)
Weight: 550g (with holster)
Standard Accessories : manual, industrial test lead (with alligator clips attached to probes)
Optional Accessories : AC power-supply adapter


DC Voltage 100mV -10.00 ~ 110.00mV 0.01mV ±0.05% of set value
or ±30µV
Maximum ouput current : ±2mA
1000mV -100.00 ~ 1100.00mV 0.1mV ±0.05% of set value
or ±0.3mV
OHM 400Ω 0.0 ~ 400Ω 0.1Ω ±0.05% of set value
or ±0.2Ω
±1mA excite current
TC R -40°C ~ 1760°C 1°C ±0.05% of set value
or ±3°C (≤100°C)±0.05% of set value
or ±2°C (>100°C)
By Using ITS-90 temperature scale
S -20°C ~ 1760°C
B 400°C ~ 1800°C 1°C ±0.05% of set value
or ±3°C (400°C ~ 600°C)±0.05% of set value
or ±2°C (>600°C)
E -200.0°C ~ 1000.0°C 0.1°C ±0.05% of set value
or ±2°C (≤-100°C)±0.05% of set value
or ±1°C (>-100°C)
K -200.0°C ~ 1370.0°C 0.1°C
J -200.0°C ~ 1200.0 °C 0.1°C
T -200.0°C ~ 400.0 °C 0.1°C
N -200.0°C ~ 1300°C 0.1°C
RTD Pt100-385 -200.0°C ~ 850.0°C 0.1°C ±0.05% of set value
or ±0.6°C
By using temperature scale Pt100-385.
Pt200-385 -50.0°C ~ 150 °C 0.1°C
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