Jual Telstar Bio II A Laminar air flow

Laminar air flow Biohazard Class II safety cabinet for microbiology and biotechnology works. Ensure a high protection to the user, the products and the environment. Cabinet made of stove enamel coated steel, polished stainless steel working area, segmented working surface and spillage tray. Tempered glass front window with gas springs. Microprocessor control, with alpha numeric luminiscent display providing with following data: exhaust air flow in m³ / h, laminar flow air velocity in m/ s, inside cabinet temperature in ° C, fans elapsed hour meter, absolute filters last exchange date. Filters, double impulsion and exhaust filtration systems. Two HEPA Filters, efficiency > 99.999% DOP for Class 100 EU-13. Two high efficiency fans, impulsion & exhaust flow measurement by thermoanemometric sensors lighting 1100lux, noise level , 60dBA, air flow 1100m³ / h, speed 0.40 m/ s, for 220V, 50Hz

With models as following :
1. Bio II A/ P, internal dim 732x580x780 mm
2. Bio II A, internal dim. 1190 x 580 x 700mm
3. Bio II A/ M, internal dim 1495x580x700 mm
4. Bio II A/ G, internal dim 1800x580x700 mm

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