Jual Pompa HCP / HCP Pump Submersible Ejector (Oxygen Supply) JP Type



The impeller of submersible Jet pump produces the high pressure and forces the fluid pass through the narrow pipe so it causes the strong jet fluid current and the negative pressure compare with the atmosphere. So it can pull the air into the mix room. The air in the mix room is dashed and pressed to lots of minor bubbles. The minor bubbles mix with the fluid current and the bubbles under the pressure are continued to mix with the fluid in the expansion pipe so it can increase the rate of oxygen supply. After the expansion pipe, the strong fluid current flushes to the outside so that it can cause the best function of mix and circulation and oxygen-supply. The bottom of the Jet pump installs the strainer so it can avoid the condition of decrease the rate of oxygen supply cause by the foreign particles that clog at the impeller or outlet jet pipe. Equipped with the guide rail system so it can easy to hook up and install the Jet pump.

Special mix room design. It can suck the maximum air and produce the maximum minor air bubbles so that it can increase the rate of oxygen supply.
High efficiency sewage impeller design. Suitable various sewage environments.
Submersible design. It is quiet when the Jet pump is running under the water. Also, it can install the silencer on the air suction pipe to decrease the noise. It can save the cost of construction andsilencer room compare with the surface bower.
Simple construction. Easy to install and operation. No need to install the complex piping. Also, it can equip the guide rail system so it is very convenience to install and maintain.

Living waste water, man hole, stock farm, waste water treatment, supply the oxygen to the slurry treatment tank.
To produce the water current on fountain pool and water tank to avoid the accumulated and decayed on the bottom of tank and pool.
Aquaculture farm, oxygen supply for the water tank.



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