Jual Mesin Fogging Dyna-fog Type Silver Cloud™

The “Silver Cloud™” employs twin resonant Pulse-Jet engines to give greater output of chemical, for its weight, than other types of chemical dispensing machines. The “Silver Cloud™” beats other types of small particle producing machines with fast and effective coverage at low cost. Extensively used for the control of flying insects such as mosquitoes, gnats, house flies, sand flies and black flies.

Model: 2650
Engine: Resonant pulse principle
Performance: 88 hp/hr or 66 Kw /hr
Fuel consumption: 4.56 L / hour
Fuel type: Gasoline
Fuel Tank: Corrosion resistant aluminum
Capacity: 9.5 L
Formulation pump: Belt driven, rotary gear pump
Formulation output: Up to 151.4 L/hr Makes over 6,500 m3 of effective fog per min
Droplet size: 0.5 – 50 microns
Formulation container: Attachments are provided for connecting to a suitable drum such as a standard 200 L drum
Remote control: Engine cut off. Formulation on/off. Individual engine indicator light. Formulation output control and others
Machine dimensions: L x W x H: 170 X 60 X 55 cm
Total weight: Empty – 48.2 kg Full: 65.5 kg
Shipping dimens (box): 185 X 69 X 58 cm
Shipping volume: 0.743 m3
Shipping weight: 64 kg
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