Jual Genset / Generator ROBIN SUBARU R1100

– DC Output
– Oil Sensor

– Voltage Indicator 

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Model R1100
Type A.V.R type
  Ac output Frequency 50Hz 60Hz
Rated voltage 110V,120V,220V,230V,240V
Rated output 700VA 900VA
Maximum output 850VA 1100VA
DC output 12V-8.3A
Power factor 1.0
Over current protector Fuseless Circuit Breaker
 Noise level at rated output 56dB-7m 59dB-7m
ENGINE Model EH09-2
Type Air-Cooled,4-Stroke,OHV Gasoline Engine
Displacement 85.8mL
Fuel Automotive Unleaded Gasoline
Fuel tank capacity 4.0L [1.1US gal.]
Continous operating hours at rated output 4.3h 4.2h
Starting system Recoil starter
Dimensions L x W x H 490 x 295 x 445mm
[19.3 x 11.6 x 17.5in.]
Dry Weight 25kg [55lbs.]
Specifications are subject to change without notice.

High Performance, Light & Compact Design and Quiet Operation are offered by Innovative Technology

Sturdy and Portable Construction
– Sturdy construction is realized by disposing a highly strong resin frame inside of enclosing cover made of resin and a highly strong plate made of aluminum as a bottom plate of frame.
– Thinner width of 290mm and large gripe possible to be handled by two persons realize superior carrying ability

Easy Operation
– Easy operation is achieved by intensively disposing all controls and adjusting knobs on a control panel.
– Employment of a one-dial switch controlling fuel cock, operating switch and choke system achieves easier operation as well as realizes prevention of omitting close of fuel cock and/or return of choke.

Easy maintenance
– Easy removal of large sized panels on both sides realizes easy maintenance.

Quiet operation is realized
– Employment of optimum cooling system and large silent muffler
– Employment of double layer panels made of resin
– Appropriate disposition of sound attenuate material


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