Jual engine/mesin yamaha model MZ300/R

Model Name MZ300 MZ300R
Type 4-stroke, OHV, air cooled
gasoline engine
Displacement 301cc
Max. horsepower 7.4kw(10.0ps) / 4,000rpm 7.4kw(10.0ps) / 2,000rpm
Rated horsepower 5.8kw(7.9ps) / 3,600rpm 5.8kw(7.9ps) / 1,800rpm
Max. torque 19.6N-m / 2,500rpm 39.2N-m / 1,250rpm
Fuel consumption 299g / kw-h (220g / ps-h)
Lubrication oil capacity 1,100cc
Fuel Gasoline
Fuel tank capacity 6.7L
Ignition system T.C.I
Spark plug NGK BPR4ES
Net weight 32.0kg 35.0kg
399 x 451 x 444
(PTO C Type)
450 x 451 x 444
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