Jual mesin Fogging Dyna-fog Model 1200™

Its tremendous capacity of 120 gallons per hour makes it capable of blanketing mammoth areas with dense heavy fog that destroys insects and pests in a fraction of the time required by other equipment.

And no other machine combines an extremely low noise level with such an enormous fog output. The 1200 runs quieter than a typical ULV aerosol generator The Dyna-Fog 1200™.

The ultimate fog applicator for large area insect control, it can cover 5 hectares (12.5 acres) in one minute.

The 1200™ can also be an effective way of applying fungicides to certain tree crops such as: rubber, oil palm and cocoa, when the weather conditions are suitable.

Model: 1200
Insecticide Output: 57- 454 L/hr
Formulation output: it can cover 5 hectares (12.5 acres) in one minute
Length (w/nozzle): 199 cm
Length (w/o Nozzle): 139 cm
Width: 13.8 cm
Height: 12.6 cm
Gasoline Engine: 9 HP. Overhead Valve
Gasoline Tank: 4.76 L
Heater Tank: 56.8 L (5 hrs)
Formulation Tank: 11.4 L
Fog Particle size: 10 – 100 microns
Total Weight: Empty: 211.8 kg / Full: 281 kg
Shipping dimens (box): 152 X 109 X 107 cm
Shipping volume: 1.77 m3
Shipping weight: 265.36 kg
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