Jual MMK/MML Horizontal multistage ring section pump


The TORISHIMA MMK and MML are horizontal, radially split ring section pumps, single flow.
The casings are sealed by flat gasket and held together by the bolts. The stage casing and the tie bolts are encased in a steel cladding.
The pump feet are arranged either below the pump or at centre line accordig to the enumber of stages and the temperature.

Technical Data

Total Head up to 500m / 1,640ft
Capacity up to 1,800m³/h / 7,930USgpm
Temperature up to 250°C / 482°F
Suction pressure up to 2.9MPa / 426psi
Discharge pressure up to 5.3MPa / 767psi
Speed up to 3,600min-1
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