Jual MHH Axially split multistage pump


The TORISHIMA MHH is a high pressure, middle capacity pump for high pressure pumps for RO desalination and water transmission pumps.

The diffuser guides flow from impeller discharge to next impeller suction eye. The axial force is compensated by a hydraulic balancing device. The axially split design gives easy maintenance of rotating equipment without disturbing the main pipework.

The pump has a wide range of materials from carbon steel to stainless steel (austenitic, duplex stainless steel) depending on handling liquid and site condition.

Technical Data

Total Head up to 800m / 2,600ft
Capacity 250 to 800m³/h / 1,100 to 3,520USgpm
Suction pressure up to 1MPa / 145psi
Discharge pressure up to 10MPa / 1,450psi
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