Jual MHB Radially split barrel casing pump


The TORISHIMA MHB is a horizontal, radially split, multistage barrel casing pump.
Mainly applied for boiler feed applications in thermal power stations (sub-critical/super critical)
and combined cycle power stations.
The barrel casing is fully welded to the pipework and supported at its centerline on a fabricated steel baseplate.
The inner cartridge, which contains all pump components except the barrel and main stud bolts,
is removable from the barrel as a complete unit for ease of maintenance.
This optimized design of MHB results in high efficiency and high reliability,
subsequently reduces the operation and maintenance costs though the life of the station.

Technical Data

Total Head up to 4,200m / 13,800ft
Capacity up to 2,000m³/h / 8,800USgpm
Temperature up to 230°C / 446°F
Suction pressure up to 4MPa / 580psi
Discharge pressure up to 42MPa / 6,090psi
Speed up to 7,000min-1
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