Jual Mikasa MCD-RY14


weight 142kg
dimensions H: 970mm W: 610mm L: 1,679mm
blade size 319mm(12”) 370mm(14”)
cutting depth 50mm(12”) 100mm(14”)
arbor size 27mm
adjusting for cutting depth manual lifting screw system
cooling system centrifugal injection type
power source Subaru EX27DS gasoline
electric start
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Dust collecting type dry cutter MCD-RY14

Road surface following type noise absorbing blade cover

Sliding dust case<br /><br />
Dust case  capacity 20L

※Dust collecting type dry road cutter
※99% of cutting dust collected into dust case
※Small, light weight, compact design
※Dry cutting method using no water

Dust case<br /><br />
full warning

<with dry cutting and dust suction system>
Up-cut method is adopted for blade ( special blade for dry asphalt) rotation to efficiently suck in and collect cutting dust into dust case.




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