Jual Pompa air Loncin / Water Pump LC50HZB23-3.1Q

Model G160F
Displacement 163 cc
Bore×Stroke 68mm×54mm
Compression ratio 8.5∶1
Net power 3.6kW/3600rpm
Rated speed 3600r/min
Oil capacity 0.6 L
Fuel tank capcity 3.6 L
Pump type Centrifugal,self priming
Centrifugal,self priming 50 mm
Dia.of suction port 50 mm
Max suction 6 m
Max lift 23 m
Max delivery voulme 35 m3/hr
Dimension 550×430×470
Net weight 25 kg


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■ Adopting Loncin’s easy-to-start,reliable and durable commercial-grade engine.

■ Strengthened plastic pump body and plastic impeller,suitable for many chemical substances.

■  EPDM chemical reaction-resistart oil seal.

■  Frame-type strong pump support.

■  Low engine oil protection device.

■  Vibration-proof design.



1. Available choices of 1~4” clean water pump ( Including self-priming pump and centrifugal pump),  or 3” sewage pump
2. Available choices of gasoline engine power or diesel engine power
3. Available choices of pump gasoline engine power configuration: LC series
or G series
4. Available choices of s variety of frame styles
5. Available choices of hoops: General hoop or steel belt hoop.
6. Available choices of pipe thread for some of the products: UK-made or USA-made pipe thread


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