Jual mesin/gasoline engine Loncin LC190F

Engine type Single cylinder,4stroke,forced cooling ,OHV25°inclined
Displacement 420cc
Bore×Stroke 90mm×66mm
Net power 9.0kW/3600rpm
Net torque 26.5N.m/2500rpm
Idle speed 1400±150r/min
Compression ratio 8.5∶1
PTO shaft rotation Anti-clockwise(from PTO side)
Noise ≤70B(A)
Ignition system Transistorized magneto ignition
Starting system Recoil start/Electic-start
Carburetor Butterfly
Lubrication system Splash
Governor system Centrifugal mass type
Air cleaner Semi-dry,dual element
Oil capacity 1.1L
Fuel tank capcity 6.0L
Net weight 31kg/33kg
Dimension 440×405×435


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The design of overhead valve (OHV) makes the engine be operated under lower operation temperature , providing strong power with more reliability and durability. Meanwhile it saves more fuel. The cast iron cylinder sleeve effectively improves the lubrication performance and allows more wear resistance as well as extends the service life. It will give an alarm to shut down when oil level is low, preventing engine from being operated under low oil level and giving more protection to engine. It is equipped with metal cams and forged crankshaft.
Design of overhead valve (OHV): the engine operation temperature is low. It has strong power, efficient performance of suction and exhaust, and OHV structure greatly increasing combustion efficiency.
Easy start: recoil starter is employed, which has proper resistance and enables an easy start for female.
Transistor ignition device: it is the standard equipment for transistor magnet ignition device and possesses a stable ignition performance with low burnup, low fuel consumption and good economical efficiency.
Low vibration: the professional balanced design with low center of gravity allows the engine running smoothly.
Precision parts: cast iron cylinder sleeve, metal cams and forging crankshaft effectively can improve the lubrication performance, enhance wear resistance of the engine and extend its service life.
Machine oil protector: can prevent engine from running under low oil level and can give more protection to the engine.
Unique appearance: the unique long silencer expands heat radiating area and minimizes noises pollution to the environment. The long fuel tank provides larger capacity and longer endurance.
Easy maintenance: overhead valve can decrease the carbon accumulation, spot inspection on cylinder head can be conducted easily, the maintenance for air filter with foam filter element, simple equipment and high dust resistance becomes much easier.
Perfect compatibility: light weight and exquisite product as a result of improved design of silencer, starter, air filter and fuel tank, which is more convenient for users to carry power equipment.


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