Jual Genset/Generator Loncin type LC13000

Model LC13000
Engine model LC196FD
Engine type 1-cyl、4-stroke、forced air cooling     OHV 、 forced lubrication
Power output 13.3kW/3600rpm
Bore×Stroke 96mm×86mm
Displacement 622cc
Fuel consumption ≤374 g/Kw.h
Oil capacity 1.6L
Ignition system Transistorized magneto
Starting system Electric start/Recoil Pull Start
DC Voltage/current 12V/8.3A
Rated frequency 50 Hz/ 60 Hz
Rated voltage 220 V/120 V/240 V
rated current 39A/79.2A/39.6A
maximum current 41A/87.5A/43.8A
Rated output 8.5kW/9.5kW
Max power 9.5kW/10.5kW
Fuel tank capcity 48L
Continuing 10h
Dimension 800×620×650mm
Net weight 143kg


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• LCpower series 622CC single-cylinder engine fully complies with EPA3 emission requirements and its powerful output is up to 13kW.
• Designed with 48L large tank, with endurance up to 10 years.
• Newly designed air duct makes the motor temperature rise down by 20%. It can last for 1000 hours in continuous durability test.
• 5 Newly designed silencer with noise as low as 97 dbA.
• The design of high-strength frame shield can effectively protect the set to meet the requirements in different operation environments.
• Graphical operating instructions and warning decals make users who never operate it be clear at a glance and easy to operate.x
• Data sheet with innovative design displays time, voltage and frequency etc. and prompts to clean air filter and replace oil regularly.
•  Both electrical and manual start is available to avoid battery failure.
• The design for 9in. two-wheel and folding armrest makes the operation and transportation easy.
• Overall size and weight are less than that of similar products by 10%, in favor of transportation and storage.
• Automatic AVR voltage regulation enables a voltage fluctuation rate less than 3%.
• Automatic protection at low oil level
• Strong power output with maximum output over 10.5kW at 60HZ. Regardless of household, commercial and industrial purposes, it can provide a powerful output of electric power.
1. Various appearance colors are available for user option;
2. It is suitable for European, American and Australian style civil and industrial sockets;
3. Optional frequency: 50HZ/60HZ.
4. Optional voltage: 110/120/220/230/240V.
5. Optional single or three phase 380/400/415V.
7. Optional multiple voltage indications (light indicator, pointer gauge, LED gauge)
8. Multiple timing gauge options


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