Jual Safety Shoes Kings KWD912


Full grain leather laced boot
Colour: Black
Size : 3 – 13

Sole construction

1. Dual density polyurethane (PU) sole with softer midsole to cushion shock impact (SRC Outsole)
2. Lightweight & slip resistant PU sole
3. Sole resistant to oils and acids/alkalis
4. Antistatic

Upper construction

1. Printed Leather Upper
2. Breathable non-woven fabric lining
3. Antistatic insole board
4. Scuff cap for toe bumper protection
5. Extra Wide 5-toe toecap provides maximum comfort for your toes
6. 200 Joules steel toe cap for impact and compression resistance
7. Pierce resistant 1100N steel mid-sole insert
8. PUshion Insole: Extra thick full length fabric-lined PU foam insole with shock absorption
anti-bacterial and anti-static properties.
PUshion remains spongy and last longer ensuring long lasting comfort

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