Jual KIMTECH* Wipers for the WETTASK* System



SIZE: 305mm x 318mm

  • Cases per Pallet: 36 cases per pallet
  • Quantity per Case: 90 sheets per roll
  • Quantity per Pack: 6 rolls per case
  • Availability: Nationally

KIMTECH* Wipers are designed for use in the refillable WETTASK* wiping system. The system is composed of a dry, coreless, centerpull roll and a re-usable bucket. The end-user adds their own chemical solution to create a customised pre-saturated wiper for preparing, cleaning, disinfecting or sanitising surfaces.

This product uses a white, meltblown base sheet suitable for disinfecting and sanitising with quaternary amines, bleach, and solvent chemicals. The wipers are low linting and have low extractables.

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