Jual Reciprocal Air compressor HWU-415N

SWAN air compressor HN series are high efficient , two stage with large displacements and smooth operating. Its excellent cooling air circulation system will prolong service life and save more costs.

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                          High efficient two stage compression design will Offer more powerful
and stable compressed air.


                           SWAN air compressor insists on using the best soundproof steel sheet
metal and thick sponge to insulate most of the noise and stand up the
unit steadily on the ground.


          Enforced lubricated bare compressor
The unique enforced lubricating design is suitable
to be used under tough environmental condition
and special customer requirements.
Long-last oil filtering system
Long-last oil filtering system will provide clean oil every day, no need to
worry about parts damaged due to dirty oil.
After cooler
Equipped with after cooler, no additional power needed, can improve air
quality and save energy.
Long-last oil filtering system
 Enforced-lubricating bare compressor
After cooler



                  The in-time lubricating and no-load start/stop
design enable to eliminate wearing damages
to all mechanical parts during ON/OFF and
loading / unloading operations. The friendly
self-diagnosis control system will monitor
exactly the running conditions of the remote
compressors and is able to self-adjust the
air discharge quantity flexibly due to different
air consumption. The intelligent design of this
multi-protection control system enables to
prevent any accident from happening in time.
        The intimate quick disassembling panel design makes the
maintenance more convenient. It only need a coin to easily
diamantle the panel .


                    HC series are designed with gold color on bare compressors and the long-lasting powder panting on air tanks.
The centralized maintaining points design makes the parts checking/replacements easier  and the daily
maintenance more simple.
Quick disassembling panel
Smart control panel
High efficient motor
After cooler
Enforced-lubricating bare compressor


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