Jual HIOKI 3563 Battery HI Tester

Hioki BT3563
6V/60V/300V Battery HiTester

  • High-voltage battery pack testing up to 300V
  • Ideal for high-precision cell voltage measurements (accurate to 0.01% of reading)
  • Ranges from 3 mΩ to 3000 Ω support coin-size to large-cell batteries
  • Battery module testing
  • Measurement circuitry employs enhanced current regulation
  • Fast 10 ms response and 8 ms sampling time for high-speed measurements
  • Large (low-resistance) cell testing
  • High-speed mass production testing of coin batteries
  • Fuel cell stack measurements
  • Battery research and development measurement applications
  • Choice of PC interfaces for full remote operation
  • Analog Version is Available: BT3563-01
The Hioki BT3563 6V/60V/300V Battery HiTester support simultaneous high-speed measurement of internal resistance (IR) and battery voltage (OCV) for the ever-expanding production lines of increasingly larger lithium-ion low resistance batteries, and other battery packs for high voltage applications.

Advanced Functions

  • Four-Terminal AC Method
    The four-terminal, 1-kHz AC method uses four contact probes to measure resistance independently of that of the measurement leads.
  • Measurement Error Detection
    Detects test probe contact failure and broken leads, for 100% measurement reliability.
  • Self-Calibrating
    Minor drift and gain fluctuations within the internal measurement circuitry are automatically corrected to maintain high accuracy.
  • Averaging Function
    Stable readings can be consistently obtained by averaging two to 16 measurements.

Features of Battery HiTester Series

  • High Precision
    • Resistance: ±0.5% rdg. ±5 digit
    • Voltage: ±0.01% rdg. ±3 digit
  • High Resolution
    • Resistance: 0.1 µΩ (3 mΩ range)
    • Voltage: 10 µV (6 V range)
  • Quick Response
    • Resistance & Voltage Simultaneous measurements within 18 ms
  • The 3 mΩ range (with 0.1 µΩ resolution) is ideal for testing ever lower-resistance large cells
  • The 6 V range (with 10 µV resolution and 0.01% accuracy) is ideal for the high-precision voltage measurements required for cell testing
  • Provides high-speed measurement of high-voltage battery packs, for improving productivity
High Speed Interfaces
The fastest 10 ms measurement data can be transferred via the standard RS-232C interface at up to 38,400 bps. Models with the -01 suffix include a GP-IB interface.Handler Interface
Triggering, measurement configuration loading, and zero adjustment can be externally controlled. Output signals provide comparator results, end-of-measurement events, and measurement errors.

Analog Output

Analog Output Specs
Output contents Measured resistance
Output rate 0 to 3.1 V DC
Resolution 12 bits
Response time 10 ms

The Hioki BT3563-01 provide analog output of resistance measurement values. This is convenient for combining re-corded data from multiple locations or of various data types, such as for logging long-term measurements and for fuel cell evaluation.

Measurement types Resistance and voltage
Resistance measurement method Four-terminal AC (1-kHz) method
Rated voltage ±300V DC rated input voltage
±300V DC maximum rated voltage to ground
Input resistance 3mΩ/30mΩ/300mΩ ranges: Approx.90k
Ω3Ω/30Ω/300Ω/3000Ω ranges: Approx.1MΩ
Sampling rate Four steps – Extra Fast, Fast, Medium or Slow
Response time Approx. 10 ms for measurements
Note: Response time depends on reference values and the measurement object.
Total measurement time Sampling time + Response time
Zero-adjustment 1000-count range (both resistance and voltage)
Triggering Internal or external
Delay time On/off, 0 to 9.999 seconds
Averaging samples On/off, 2 to 16 samples
Statistical calculations Total data count; valid data count; maximum, minimum and average values; standard deviation; population standard deviation and process capability indices
Measurement value output function Measurement values are output via RS-232C upon trigger input
Measurement value memory Up to 400 measurements
Panel save/load Up to 126 configuration settings
Save Frequently Used Settings in Memory:
Measurement function, resistance measurement range, auto-range setting, zero-adjust setting data, sampling rate, trigger source, delay setting, averaging and comparator settings, statistical calculation setting, display switching and key-lock.
Analog Output Measured resistance (displayed value, from 0 to 3.1 V DC)
External interface External I/O, RS232C (9600, 19200 or 38400 bps), Printer RS-232C
GP-IB available on BT3562-01
Other functions Over-range display, measurement error detection, self-calibration, dual comparators, key-lock
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