Jual Hanil MF 50 Centrifuge

Very compact design
Light weight and portable
Application field : diagnosis test, nucleus medical, emergency test, health inspection vehicles
Basic centrifuge in clinical or cell culturing
Pulse run function
Max capacity : 6 x 15ml – spin up to 4, 600 rpm ( 2, 082 xg)
Display with digital
Optimized airflow for proper cooling
Conforms to the safety and application requirements
MF 50 SpecificationMax. RPM 4, 600rpm
Max. RCF 2, 082 x g
MAX. capacity 6 x 15ml
Motor drive DC motor
Speed preset 10 rpm
Temperature control Air-flow cooling
Timer 99 min, free run
Acceleration 1 steps ( d 20 seconds)
Deceleration 3 steps ( d 20 seconds)
Noise level d 50db
Program memory Stores up to 10 programs
Digital display rcf, rpm, time, decel step, program
Dimension 27 ( w) x 35.8 ( d) x 28.5( h) / cm
Weight 14 kg
Power supply 220V, 50Hz / 60Hz, single phase, 0.5kw
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