Jual Reciprocal Air compressor H series / Swan Air

SWAN air compressor SH series are high efficient two stage compression, large displacements, smooth continuously operating. The strong heat dissipation design prolongs its service life and saves more cost.

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High efficient two stage compression design offers powerful and stable
compressed air.
Heat dissipation is one of the key factors of long-lasting air compressors. The unique structure design of
SWAN bare compressors, enlarged fan and good heat dissipation metal materials are all other significant
factors of prolonging service life.
Smart panel The lubricating in time and non-loading start/stop design
enable to eliminate wearing damages to all mechanical parts during
ON/OFF and loading / unloading operations. The friendly self-diagnosis
|control system will monitor exactly the running conditions of the remote
compressors. Intelligent control system is able to self-adjust the air
discharge quantity flexibly due to different air consumption. The intimate
design of multi-protection control system and control panel indicator
lights of malfunctions enable to take the protection measures in time.
Two stage compression design
High efficient motor
High quality air tank
Powerful fan
Bare compressor




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