Jual Fire extinguisher Box

Product introduction:

XM series fire extinguisher box is special for long-term fixed storage of portable fire extinguishers. The box is made with high quality steel and the antirust appearance using baking varnish and drying process; the product is beautiful, durable, easy to use, safe and reliable. It is the ideal fire equipment for shopping malls, factories, warehouses, office buildings, stations and terminals and other places.

Fire extinguisher box specifications and equipment configuration:

Fire extinguisher box model Size/ mm (Depth L1, Depth L2, Height L3 depth) equipment configuration (specifications number)

-21 water base or2Kg dry powder or 2Kg clean gas and other portable fire extinguisher. —

-2Kg = carbon dioxide or 31water-based or4Kg dry powder or4Kg clean gas portable fire extinguisher

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