Jual Mesin Tempel (Outboard Motor) Yamaha F6C


Compact, light weight and powerful.

Filling a vital horsepower bracket in the Australian market, the all new F6C has been designed to be easy to use and exceptionally smooth running. With a range of exclusive features, increased capacity for greater performance as well as the latest generation cowl design and graphics, the F6C is sure to be a popular addition to Yamaha’s current engine line up.

For easy transport and mounting the F6C is fitted with an ergonomically designed grasp on the front of the motor and a large carry handle on the rear. The engine also features Yamaha’s unique oil leak prevention system which allows the owner to store or transport the engine on either side or its front without leaking engine oil. This means worry free transport in a car boot and hassle free storage.


Spesifikasi :


Engine Type OHV, 1-cylinder
Displacement 139 cc
Bore x Stroke 62 x 46 mm
Recommended Max RPM 4500-5500
Lubrication System Wet sump
Fuel Management Carb
Ignition CDI
Starter System Manual Choke
Alternator Output 12V-6Amp with Rectifier Regulator (optional)
Operation Method Tiller Handle
Trim & Tilt Method Manual Tilt
Fuel Tank Capacity 1.1 L
Gear Ratio 2.08:1
OEDA Emission Rating


  • F6CMHS : 440 mm (17.3 in)
  • F6CMHL : 568 mm (22.4 in)
  • F6CMHS : 27 kg
  • F6CMHL : 28 kg
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