Jual mesin (engine) EY28(7.5HP)

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Model EY28D EY28B
Type Air Cooled 4 Cycle Single Cylinder Side Valve Horizontal Shaft Gasoline Engine
Bore x Stroke(mm) 75 x 62
Piston displacement(cm3) 273
Maximum output[HP(kw)/rpm] 7.5(5.5)/4000 7.5(5.5)/2000
Continuous output[HP(kw)/rpm] 5.5(4.0)/3600 5.5(4.0)/1800
Maximum torque[kgm(Nm)/rpm] 1.4(13.7)/2800 2.8(27.5)/1400
P.T.O Shaft Rotation Counter-Clockwise Facing P.T.O.Shaft
Type of Reduction 1/2 Gear Reduction Type
Fuel AutoAutomobile Gasoline
Fuel Tank capacity(L) 5.5
Lubricating Oil Capacity(L) 0.85
Ignition System Pointless Electronic Ignition
Starting System Recoil Starter(Electric Starter as Option)
Dry Weight(kg) 21 21.5
L x W x H(mm)
346 x 386 x 440



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