Jual EUTECH CyberScan CON 11


Product Features
:: Waterproof and dustproof to IP67

:: Deliver lab-accurate results stamped with time and date for GLP-compliant research

:: Measures TDS in addition to Conductivity and Temperature in ºC and ºF

:: Adjustable TDS factor for direct derivation of TDS values

:: Conveniently auto-ranging with up to 5-point push button calibration

:: Selectable cell constant

:: GLP-compliant

:: Selectable automatic/manual temperature compensation

:: Hold function freezes readings for easy reference

:: Auto-off conserves energy and lengthens battery life-span

:: Non-volatile memory holds up to 50 data sets even when you run out of batteries

:: Ergonomic design for that perfect palm fit. Rubber grips at either side of the meter for firmer grip

:: Conductivity electrode with built-in ATC and minimal bubble entrapment design

:: Available in complete kit version


EUTECH CyberScan COND 600 Waterproof Handheld Leaflet
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EUTECH CyberScan COND 610 Waterproof Handheld
EUTECH CyberScan CON 11, portable Conductivity meter
Eutech Cond 6+
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EUTECH CyberScan pH 6500 PH Meter
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