Jual Electric Hoist RCP2

Plain Trolley Type Compact Electric Hoist RCP2 (1-phase 100V)


  • Can be plugged into a 100V AC home power outlet for simple and easy operation.
  • Shorter headroom enables greater hoisting distance. The rated load has also been increased by 250 kg for improved work efficiency.
  • Oil bath lubrication keeps the gears and mechanical brake highly wear-resistant and durable.
  • Friction-clutch over-winding protector*1 comes standard.
  • The load chain is made from a special alloy steel for increased strength. A rustproof chain is optionally available.
  • The hoist can either be integrated into the plain trolley or suspended from it with a hook.*2 (The diagram below shows an integrated hoist.)

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Specifications for Plain Trolley Type Compact Electric Hoist RCP2

Power supply Type Item no. Rated load (kg) Standard lift (m) Hoisting speed
DC motor output (W) Short-time rating (min) Duty cycle*4 (%ED) Hoist class Load chain Power cable length (m)
Standard Diameter (mm) No. of falls
1-speed RCP20010 100 3 0.167m/sec
200 25 40 M3 4 1 5
RCP20025 250 3 0.167m/sec
400 25 30 M4
RCP20049 490 3 0.0783m/sec
400 25 30 M4 2



Item no. Net weight (kg) External dimensions (mm) Diagram
A B D E ♦F G H I K L ♦M ♦P ♦Q ♦S
RCP20010 15 179 187 82 80 24 275 28+b/2 92 160 12-t2 b-34 355 120 2.5
16 455 5.5
RCP20025 20 236 199 88 91 24 280 360 120 2.5
21 460 5.5
RCP20049 26.5 109 71 20 370 93 105 195 23-t2 b-43 480 140 2.5
29 480 180 5.5




  • Figures marked with a (♦) are for reference purposes only.
  • Specifications are subject to change for improvements without notice.
    • *1: The friction-clutch over-winding protector should not be activated except for emergency cases. DO NOT leave the over-winding protector running with the load suspended at the lifting and lowering limits.
    • *2: A hoist suspended from the trolley requires longer minimum headroom G than the integrated one.
    • *3: This is an average speed when the hoist is operating with a rated load. Hoisting speed is subject to change depending on whether lifting or lowering, on the size of a load, and on the voltage and frequency being used.
    • *4: Duty cycle (%ED) is the ratio of the active (motor operating) time to the duration of a complete cycle. It is calculated based on the assumption that the hoist is lifting a load 63% of the rated one.


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