Jual Electric Chain Hoist RC2

Suspension Type Compact Electric Chain Hoist RC2 (1-phase 100V)


  • Can be plugged into a 100V AC home power outlet for simple and easy operation.
  • Shorter headroom enables greater hoisting distance. The rated load has also been increased by 250 kg for improved work efficiency.
  • Oil bath lubrication keeps the gears and mechanical brake highly wear-resistant and durable.
  • Friction-clutch over-winding protector*1 comes standard.
  • The load chain is made from a special alloy steel for increased strength. A rustproof chain is optionally available.
  • Used in combination with our hand crane system*2, this hoist allows you to make the best use of your workspace.

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Specifications for Suspension Type Compact Electric Chain Hoist RC2

Power supply Type Item no. Rated load (kg) Standard lift (m) Hoisting speed *3 DC motor output (W) Short-time rating (min) Duty cycle*4 (%ED) Hoist class Load chain Power cable length (m)
Standard Diameter (mm) No. of falls
1-speed RC20010 100 3 0.167m/sec
200 25 40 M3 4 1 5
RC20025 250 3 0.167m/sec
400 25 30 M4
RC20049 490 3 0.0783m/sec
400 25 30 M4 2



Item no. Net weight (kg) External dimensions (mm) Diagram
A B ♦C D E ♦F G ♦P ♦Q ♦S
RC20010 13 179 187 24 82 80 24 305 385 120 2.5
14 485 5.5
RC20025 18 236 199 24 88 91 24 310 390 120 2.5
19 490 5.5
RC20049 20.5 25 109 71 20 390 500 140 2.5
23 500 180 5.5




  • Figures marked with a (♦) are for reference purposes only.
  • Specifications are subject to change for improvements without notice.
    • *1: The friction-clutch over-winding protector should not be activated except for emergency cases. DO NOT leave the over-winding protector running with the load suspended at the lifting and lowering limits.
    • *2: A dedicated trolley will be required. Refer to the hand crane system section for details.
    • *3: This is an average speed when the hoist is operating with a rated load. Hoisting speed is subject to change depending on whether lifting or lowering, on the size of a load, and on the voltage and frequency being used.
    • *4: Duty cycle (%ED) is the ratio of the active (motor operating) time to the duration of a complete cycle. It is calculated based on the assumption that the hoist is lifting a load 63% of the rated one.


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