Jual genset yamaha type EF1000FW

  • 4-stroke OHV engine 4-stroke OHV engine
    Compact size, high power, low fuel consumption & low noise level.
  • Brushless generator Brushless generator
    Maintainance free.
  • Oil warning system Oil warning system
    Engine stops automatically when oil level(pressure) has fallen below the prescribed level.
  • Circuit breaker(s) Circuit breaker(s)
    Fuseless type to protect the circuit against overcurrent.
  • Auto decompressor Auto decompressor
    Light recoil starting.
  • DC output capability DC output capability
    Convenient for battery charging.
  • Carrying Handle Carrying Handle
    Easy to carry.

Specification Sheet

Type : Bi-polar, revolving field
with damper winding
Rated voltage (V) : 120
Frequency (Hz) : 60
Rated output (kVA) : 0.85
DC output : 12V/8.0A
Type : MZ80 : 4-stroke
OHV forced air cooled
Starting system : Recoil
L*W*H (mm) 401*298*420
Dry Weight (kg) 24.0
Fuel tank capacity(full)(l) 3.6
Operating hours (Hr) 5.5
Noise Level (db A)(7m) 64.0
Brushless : ◯
Voltage regulator :Condenser
Auto decompressor : ◯
Circuit breaker system : Protector
Oil level warning system : ◯
Voltage meter : ×
Pilot lamp : ×
AC Plug : ◯
DC charging cord : ◯
Receptacle 15A125V
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