Jual mesin (engine) EA190V(5.5HP)

Hemispherical Combustion Chamber
Enables a high compression ratio, providing more power than competitive engines while reducing fuel consumption.

Intake and Exhaust Valves
Uniquely positioned to optimize the intake and exhaust ports, and lower the resistance of the air/fuel flow for added power and fuel efficiency, as well as lower emissions.

Chain-Driven Overhead Cams(Dual Cams)
Allow the engine to breathe better and run quieter. OHC technology, in combination with the hemispherical combustion chamber, elevates starting ease and eliminates kickback.

Piston and Cast-Iron Cylinder
Quality components like heavy-duty piston rings and a cast-iron cylinder liner enhance durability.

Timing Chain
Hardened steel timing chain reduces maintenance and noise levels. EA engines operate a full 2dBA quieter in exhaust tone than competitors.

Rocker Arms(2)
Constructed from hardened steel, rocker arms increase durability and reduce maintenance requirements.

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Model EA190V
Type Air-cooled, 4-cycle, single cylinder,
OHC, vertical PTO shaft, gasoline engine
Bore x Stroke mm(in.) 68×52(2.68×2.05)
Piston displacement cc(cu.in.) 189(11.53)
Continuous output
Maximum output
Maximum torque
Directon of rotation Counter clockwise as viewed from PTO shaft side
Fuel Automobile(unleaded)gasoline
Fuel Tank capacity
liter(US gal.)
Lubricant Engine oil SAE 10W-30, 20W, 30W
Lubrication Mechanical splashing type
Lubricationg oil capacity
liter(US gal.)
Carburetor Float type
lgnition system Transistorised
Spark plug TORCH E7RTC
Governor Centrifugal flyweight type
Dry weight kg(lb) 13.5(29.8)
length x width x height

*Specifications are subject to change without notice



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