Jual Swan Air dryer SDE series

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Utilizing special heat exchanger structure to enhance the effect of turbulence and obtain the low dew point dry air.
Equipped with Microprocessor control system to ensure stable and quiet running, and avoid vibration and malfunction caused by frequent start/stop operation.
Specially designed for high temperature and high humidity ambient, optimal pipeline design to minimize the pressure drop of air flow, design with the most suitable working pressure and inlet temperature based on different horse power to enhance the efficiency of air compressors.
The whole series of Air Dryer adopt Environmental friendly R-407c or R-134a refrigerant . Feature with its dependable control system and solid construction to achieve easy operation, least maintenance, and the highest reliability.




                       Supply comprehensive range of filters to meet with the requirements of different industrial applications.
Air compressor Air dryer Main line filter
Air tank Active carbon filter Air tank
Main line filter Micro filter Air compressor
Oil removal filter Oil removal filter




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