Jual Pompa Pedrollo / Pedrollo Pump type COMBIPRESS

COMBIPRESS are twin pump sets for water pressurisation, with a range to suit the requirements of domestic, civil agricultural and industrial applications.

COMBIPRESS pressure booster sets are pre-assembled ready for installation.
The sets operate as “duty-assist”, with one or both pumps starting automatically in succession as demand for water increases. This system is energy efficient as it only starts the pumps necessary to meet the demand. The lead pump is alternated automatically by the control panel.

Clean water and chemically non aggressive liquids.
– Water supply: pressure boosting for industry, condominiums, hotels, communities, water treatment plants, camping sites, schools, hospitals, barracks, etc.
– Irrigation: football and sports grounds, golf courses, agriculture and artifical snow systems.


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complete with suction and delivery manifolds, ball valves and non return valves.
BASE made of powder-painted metal sections.
Control systems pre-installed on the delivery manifold, comprising of pressure gauge, connection for pressure vessel (not supplied), and two user adjustable pressure switches. The factory settings are shown in the following tables.
CONTROL PANEL with door interlocked power switch, low voltage pressure switch control circuit, automatic pump changeover, thermal motor protector and “anti-bounce” system to ensure that the pumps run for an acceptable period once started.
CB2m: single-phase 230 V – 50 Hz including capacitor, and with integral thermal overload protection.
CB2: three-phase 230/400 V – 50 Hz up to 4 kW.
400/690 V – 50 Hz from 5.5 to 18.5 kW.





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