Jual Flow Meter Avery hardoll CM Series BULKMETERS (CM 1000, CM 1400, CM 2000, CM 2500, CM 3000, CM 4000, CM 5000, CM 5500)

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•Positive displacement liquid measuring instruments
•Free from installation effects
•Accuracy consistent between calibration levels
•Suitable for use in distribution depots and aviation refuelling vehicles
•Stepless calibration system
•Flow Rates of 22 igpm (100 lpm) to 1200 igpm (5500 lpm)
Avery-Hardoll bulkmeters are precision made, positive displacement, liquid measuring instruments,which
maintain accurate metering over long periods of operation. Simplicity of design and construction together
with sustained accuracy make these meters ideally suited for use on aviation refuelling vehicles and in oil
The positive displacement principle is the ONLY accurate method of measuring fluid flow. No other
technology can achieve such accuracy because measurement becomes inferred, that is indirect and subject
to assumption.The Avery Hardoll bulkmeter directly converts volume to rotational output with minimum
scope for error and with minimal disturbance from surrounding conditions, eg. turbulence from nearby
valves, bends, etc.
The product enters the meter through the inlet manifold (1) and causes the rotor (4) to revolve by pressure
on the vanes (3).
The proximity of the rotor (4) to the body (2) forms an efficient seal, whilst the profile of the casing ensures
that the vanes (3) are guided through the measuring crescent (5), where the volume of product is accurately
An extension shaft driving through a pressure tight gland in the meter front cover, transmits the rotor
revolutions to the calibrating gearing 6) which drives the counter (7).



MANIFOLD                           :            Ductile iron (single/double capsule) Fabricated steel (all builds)

Cast Aluminium (6’’ Triple only)

BODY                                     :            Ni-Resist cast iron


VANES                                  :            Carbon


ROTOR                                  :            Aluminium or Ni-Resist cast iron


COVERS                               :            Carbon Steel


BEARINGS                           :            Stainless steel

SEALS                                   :            High Nitrile or Fluorocarbon




Maximum Working pressure : 10.5 bar (150 psi)

Test pressure : 21 bar (300 psi)

Temperature range : -28ºC to 100ºC

Volume per revolution : 2.27 litres (Single capsule)

4.54 litres (Double capsule)

6.82 litres (Triple capsule)

9.08 litres (4 capsule)

 Repeatability typically : .02%

Typical accuracy curves for basic meter build (10:1 turndown)




Calibration adjustment is provided to minimize the meter error at any selected flowrate. Adjustment is stepless; no gear changing is necessary; and the calibration screw is easily accessible after breaking a seal and removing a sealing screw.

All meters are tested to 300 psi (21 bar).

All Avery-Hardoll meters are tested before despatch at a range of flowrates and test certificates can be supplied if requested.

The fluid used for testing is odorless kerosene.

Specific gravity at 60/60ºF, 15/15ºC = 0.8 Viscosity at 60ºF, 15ºC = 2.4 centistokes.

Suggested correction to be made to the calibrating mechanism when used with products with different viscosities as follows:

Gasoline + 0.1% + means increase counter readings
Kerosene 0.0% means decrease counter readings.
Gas Oil 0.1%
Fuel Oil 0.22%


CM Series Meters                     Flow Range


NOTE: All meters are available with steel manifold with flat/raised face flanges.




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