Jual Pompa Torishima Type CFHV Vertical centrifugal volute pump


The Torishima CFHV is a vertical centrifugal volute pump,
mainly used as a booster pump in RO Desalination plant with Pressure Exchanger System.
The pump is such designed that it can take a high suction pressure coming from pressure exchanger in terms of pressure component and seal design. The thrust bearing is also designed to take a high axial thrust load due to high suction pressure.
The material of major components such as impeller, casing and shaft are made of Duplex or Super Duplex for seawater application.
The vertical mounting arrangement, which motor is mounted directly on the pump casing, gives advantage of saving an installation space in the plant compared to horizontal mounting.

Technical Data

Total Head up to 125m / 410ft
Capacity up to 1,940m³/h / 8,530USgpm
Discharged Pressure up to 10.78MPa / 1,563psi
Size 40 to 500mm
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