Jual CDKTV Vertical double-suction pump with canister


The TORISHIMA CDKTV is a vertical double-suction pump with canister. It is mainly applied for brine recirculation pumps in seawater desalination plants and hot well pumps in geothermal power plants.

The hydraulic design of the double-suction impeller is optimized to obtain high efficiency whilst keeping the volute casing size and canister inside diameter minimum. Also lower NPSH3 allows higher operating speed compared to conventional single-suction vertical pumps.

This optimized design provides minimized power consumption, plus smaller canister in length and diameter which contribute to reduce the cost of excavation / installation.
Multistage design for higher head is available on cutomers requirement.

Technical Data

Total Head up to 100m / 330ft
Capacity up to 20,000m³/h / 220,000USgpm
Temperature up to 100°C / 212°F
Size 500 to 1,500mm
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