Jual CA series End-suction volute pump


The TORISHIMA CA series are high efficiency end-suction volute pump, called “Torishima Eco Pump”.
They ensure high performance operation for general pumps to meet the customers’ individual requirement.

The three-dimensional impeller provides high efficiency, low NPSH and stable characteristic,
plus the impeller diameter is trimmed to the customer’s specification for energy saving.
In addition to the efficient impeller design, the adoption of ultra-high-efficiency motor (IEC IE3) conserves energy
and reduces the life cycle costs of pumps and CO2 emissions.
This totally optimized design makes CA series a highly eco-friendly general pump.

The CA series are available in two types of materials, CAL in cast iron and CAR in stainless steel,
and suitable for wide range of applications from general industry utility, food & drink manufacture, air conditioning system, iron & metal manufacture to chemical plants.

Technical Data

Total Head : up to 100m / 328ft
Capacity : up to 600m³/h / 2,640USgpm
Temperature : -80 to 100°C / -112 to 212°F
Size : 32 to 200mm
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