Jual pompa Speroni / Speroni PUMP APM 100


Selfpriming water pumps for deep suctions up to mt. 45 to be used in case of important water level gaps. Suitable to drain water from wells and in domestic fittings by small and medium sized tanks. Before installing the pump verify that all pipes (iron, plastic or rubber) are clean inside so to avoid any obstruction to the ejector nozzle. At the foot of the ejector must be installed a foot valve or a check valve. Installed the pump, fill completely both pipes and pump body with clean water. To preserve an efficient priming it is necessary a certain pression in the circuit, therefore it is recommended to install a membrane tank at the delivery of the pump.

The separate ejector pump is basically a centrifuge with the possibility of becoming a self-priming jet pump with deep suction by fitting the ejector in the well onto the end of the suction pipe. Recirculation of water passing through the Venturi attracts water from below and pushes it through the return (suction) pipe creating enough pressure to take it up to the surface. For these deep suction applications two pipes need to be connected: the delivery pipe to the ejector and the return (suction) outlet, in this case the diameter of the well must be at least 4”. If the pump has to go in a 2” well, a special ejector with an airtight lock on the well is necessary. It works with just the return (suction) pipe by exploiting the space remaining between itself and the 2” well as a second recirculation pipe.

Technical data
Capacity : m3/h = 1.5 – l/m = 25
Total head : H(m) = 32
Power : kW = 0.75
Voltage : 230V-50Hz




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