Jual Sepatu safety AP Boot Type AP TERRA 3

AP TERRA 3 Short Discription

Available Size
38 – 42

The Next Series was Born And now is available
Since the first release, AP Terra 3 has already become a boom in the market. Well, such thing might be caused by the fact that the design of these boots is so progressive. For addition, such great design is not followed by high price. In fact, these boots can be categorized as one of the most affordable boots in its class. At this recent time, Terra 3 is offered in two color variants which are green/red and black/yellow. As for the size, you can choose from the size range 38 to 42. It is sure that you will not be disappointed if you choose to purchase these boots.

Electrical ResistantHydrostopOil & Fats ResistantAbrasion ResistantSlip ResistantChemical ResistantWaterproofImpact Absorbtion

Electrical Resistant

Non-conductive footwear is designed to reduce the hazards due to accidental contact with live electrical circuits, electrically energised conductors or parts of apparatus

Oil & Fats Resistant

It is the upper materials and the stitching process that determines the level of oil & fats resistance. All AP BOOTS feature the highest quality premium Oil & Fats resistant sole.

Slip Resistant

Progressive design and material in our footwear will protect you from slipping when working.


The material of all AP BOOTS is actually waterproof. AP BOOTS offer unsurpassed performance in wet and muddy work environments.


AP BOOTS offer best performance in wet and muddy work environments. Thanks to hydrostop technology that keep the inner boots dry.

Abrasion Resistant

AP BOOTS innovative sole design, mixup with selected material give you no worry with tough and rough landscape environment.

Chemical Resistant

Special raw materials from us will make your feet are protected from chemical hazards.

Impact Absorbtion

Designed with impact absorbtion method that make you steep steadily. Ignore every distrubtion under your foot, and work more efficiently.

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