Jual Mesin Tempel (Outboard Motor) Yamaha 130B


Proven Performance

These amazing motors are the building blocks upon which our enviable reputation has been built…

From our V6 200hp to our V4 115hp model these legendary Saltwater Series two strokes have always been a family favourite. Renowned for their reliablity, power and value, Yamaha’s range of large two strokes are proven performers.

Packed with the latest features such as micro computer controlled ignition and Precision Blend oil injection system, Yamaha’s Saltwater series guarantees optimum smooth running and excellent durability.

These engines are a great option if you’re looking for big horsepower and great value.

  • Great power to weight ratios
  • Punchy acceleration
  • Loop charging boosts power and fuel efficiency
  • Precision Blend oil injection system guarantees the optimum smooth running and excellent durability. It also eliminates the need for pre mixing two stroke fuel.
  • Multi function gauges come standard giving the driver all the information needed such as speed, trim angle and other vital engine functions


Spesifikasi :


Engine Type 2-Stroke, 90°-V4
Displacement 1730.0 cc
Bore x Stroke 90 x 68 mm
Recommended Max RPM 5500-6000
Lubrication System Oil injection
Fuel Management Carb
Ignition CDI
Starter System Electric
Alternator Output 12V – 20A with rectifier regulator
Operation Method Remote control
Trim & Tilt Method Power trim & tilt
Digital Gauges Standard
Gear Ratio 2.00 : 1
OEDA Emission Rating


  • 130BETOL : 516 mm (20.3 in)
  • 130BETOX : 642 mm (25.3 in)
  • 130BETOL : 165 kg
  • 130BETOX : 169 kg
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